Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Is Gene Campbell?

Gene Campbell- Complete Recorded Works (1929-1931)

Album Review:
"Virtually nothing is known about vocalist-guitarist Gene Campbell other than the fact he recorded 24 solo selections. 22 are on this CD with the other two being lost. Campbell is heard on five dates recorded in Dallas and Chicago recorded within a 14-month period. A fine if not overly memorable singer, Campbell is expressive on such numbers (probably mostly his own originals) as "Mama, You Don't Mean Me No Good No How," "Somebody's Been Playing Papa," "Levee Camp Man Blues," the two-part "Freight Train Yodeling Blues," "Married Life Blues" and "Crooked Woman Blues." Although not quite essential, this is certainly the definitive Gene Campbell CD! But what happened to him after the final Jan. 23, 1931 record date is not known."

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