Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Ice Man

Albert Collins- Complete Imperial Recordings

Album Review:
"Texan Albert Collins was in the very first rank of post-war blues guitarists. This two-CD set is a reissue of all 36 sides he cut for Imperial from 1968 to 1970, representing this artist's second major recording stint. Instrumentals comprise roughly three-fourths of the material. They frame his distinctive guitar work with a tight ensemble of organ, bass, and drums, adding at times a piano and/or second guitar, punctuated by a horn section. About ten of these tunes are as great as anything Collins ever did. They are riddled with the biting, incisive, dramatic, and economical playing that made him a legend. There are also some outstanding vocals. Although this set is not without its clinkers, it is a solid package and a must for any Collins fan."

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xman said...

Track 1 - Do the Sissy on Vol is missing inte downloadfile

Rolf said...
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xman said...

I wasn't too precise when I posted my previous comment.

It was Albert Collins - Complete Imperial Recordings, Vol 1, Track 1-Do the Sissy, was the track that was missing in your download file.