Thursday, October 8, 2009

How We Love Joseph Spence!

Joseph Spence- Happy All The Time

"Born on the island of Andrus in the Bahamas, Spence created an idiosyncratic (and inimitable) guitar style rife with percussive and improvisatory vamps around staid hymns and such "square" standards as "Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer." He was a folk guitarist's Thelonious Monk, and his growling vocal counterpoint and surprising inventions are one of folk music's great delights."

Album Review:
"Waxed for Elektra in 1964, this has better sound than the Folkways recordings and offers some of Spence's most percussive playing."

Download Link:


Stomp that Thing said...

Thank you so much. Track 5 seems to have a problem, I couldn't extract it.

The Hound said...

has anyone ever figured out how Joseph Spence tuned his guitar???

Hard Luck Child said...

I think that Elijah Wald knows about tunings, Hound. There are instructional videos he does on Youtube. Check them out!

Stomp, I wonder if others have this problem. I don't know what's wrong with the Henry Thomas and Spence files!=(

ramson said...

I don't downloaded Henry thomas.

Joseph spece:
With 'I Am Living On The Hallelujah Side'(track 09, NOT TRACK 05) I get error when extract it.
In addition track 05 (Diamond on Earth) is missing in your rar.

Anyway great music, really original.