Thursday, October 15, 2009

The King Of Old-Timey

Jimmie Tarlton- Steel Guitar Rag

Album Review:
"Although they were recorded in the early to mid-'60s in association with Pete Welding, the 19 tracks here sound like music from another era. Tarlton sings in a pleasing baritone with an uninflected style, without artifice -- he sounds like the real version of what Bob Dylan has tried for in his country covers -- and his fingers slide, strum, and glide over the fretboard, sounding like at least two guitars at once and a multitude of voices. The repertory is almost entirely traditional and arranged by Tarlton, who sounds like he's coming from a place at least 100 years before Jimmie Rodgers. Some of the tracks reveal the presence of an audience, others are the product of a studio, but the sound is generally first-rate, regardless."

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The Hound said...

the complete Tom Darby & Jimmy Tarlton 30's recordings are available over at:

you really do need to hear Ooze Up To Me and Slow Wicked Blues....those guys were the Rolling Stones of white depression era blues singers....

shaundavid said...

already have this, but it is really really great!

thanks for all the other good stuff.

Hard Luck Child said...

Hound, I have the complete recordings. Jimmie Tarlton and Johnny Shines are probably my two favorite musicians, period.

That Darby & Tarlton box set is amazing, and the scary part is that Jimmie is even better when he's going solo.

NOBODY ever sang or played guitar like that man!

Also, the way that they sang was very "black" in the sense that they sounded more like Weaver and McTell (with McTell singing high notes like Jimmie) than like, let's say, the Delmore Brothers. Darby & Tarlton didn't sing in synch with each other, which made them sound more like black chain gang guys on Lomax records than the Delmores or Allens.

ramson said...

Jimmie Tarlton- Steel Guitar Rag

wow...this album really surprise me..really delicious.

Much appreciated.