Sunday, September 20, 2009

Speckled Red Is Dirty

Speckled Red- The Dirty Dozens

Album Review:
"If you have trouble keeping track of the "reds," Rufus G. Perryman was "Speckled Red," while William Lee Perryman was either "Piano Red" or "Doctor Feelgood." In addition, Speckled Red's style contained more rag and folk elements than "Piano Red"'s, as this set reveals. But both reds talked a lot trash, and Speckled Red had a lighter barrelhouse approach than his younger brother."

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rootsminer said...

Man, you're not kidding, that stuff's nasty! Thanks for sharing.

Hard Luck Child said...

No problem, Rootsminer. Did you notice how he used "cock" for both male and female genitalia? Interesting!