Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jug Stompers

Cannon's Jug Stompers- Complete Works, 1927-1930

"Gus Cannon was the best known of all the jugband musicians and a seminal figure on the Memphis blues scene. His recollections have also provided us with much of our knowledge of the earliest days of the blues in the Mississippi Delta. Cannon led his Jug Stompers on banjo and jug in a historic series of dates for the Victor label in 1928-1930. The ensemble usually included a second banjoist or guitarist, one of whom often doubled on kazoo, and the legendary Noah Lewis on harmonica. The jug-band style enjoyed a revival during the folk boom of the '50s and '60s, resulting in an ultra-rare Gus Cannon album on Stax, of all labels, after his "Walk Right In" became the nation's best-selling record for the Rooftop Singers in 1963. Cannon's Victor output was also a favorite source of early blues material for the Grateful Dead."

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rootsminer said...

long live Canon's Jug Stompers!

The Banjo Joe sessions from 1927 with Blind Blake are really something too.

metal clarinet said...

Got this CD a few years ago when older son's then girlfriend talked about taking up fretless banjo. The CD was a lot nicer than the girlfriend.

Happy to see the Scheiks. We're doing a Bo Carter tune -- Whisky & Gin. (A name used by one of the brothers so his mother wouldn't find out he was writing suggestive tunes.)

ramson said...

Thanks for this upgrade!!

Wheel said...

Could you please reaupload this archive? z-share does not work anymore :( MAny thanks

Thee LP said...

Thanks a lot! You're doing a fantastic job with this blog.

Hard Luck Child said...

You're welcome, LP! They were really great, weren't they?