Monday, September 28, 2009

King Of The Slide

Earl Hooker- The Moon Is Rising

Album Review:
"The first eight tracks of this 79-minute compilation of late-'60s material originally appeared on Arhoolie's Hooker'n'Steve LP; a couple of others showed up on Arhoolie's His First & Last Recordings, while the four remaining cuts were previously unreleased. Hooker didn't have long to live when these were laid down in 1968 and (for the most part) 1969, but he's in real good form on guitar, although he only takes an occasional vocal (other band members help out on other tracks, and some are instrumental). Indications are from the liner notes that the sessions were run on a no-frills budget, but it's very respectable '60s Chicago electric blues with a shade of funky soul and a hot live feel, and Hooker's guitar has an upfront bite and presence. Actually, the instrumentals are highlights, particularly "Hooker N' Steve" with its smoking guitar-organ duets."

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Kedders said...

Thanks for the post, Earl is a great player.

Hard Luck Child said...
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Hard Luck Child said...

You are quite welcome. I think he was the best electric slide player of all-time. His playing had a lot more variety to it than that of Elmore James. Earl's technique was also immaculate and could enter the realm of Jazz.