Friday, November 5, 2010


T-Bone Walker- The Original Source

Album Review:
"This is, especially for the money, an excellent overview of the career of Aaron Thibeaux Walker (aka T-Bone Walker). Beginning at the beginning in 1929, this set travels all the way through the '40s (where he developed his style as the electric blues genre), through 1951 on labels from Columbia to Capitol to Black and White and others in between. This set's 90 cuts paint the most intricate portrait of his signature sound as it developed to become one of the models for the blues of B.B. and Freddie King, and virtually every electric guitarist after him. The sound is great and the price is irresistible."

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Gustavo said...


Nice site.
You visited my blog some time ago but I was out of it for a while. Now I´m trying to continuing writing about blues. Take a look on my site and maybe we can exchange links.



Hard Luck Child said...

That's a wonderful blog you've got there, Gustavo. Thanks for remembering me visiting your blog! It's cool how you take the time to write your own reviews of albums. I should do that more often. I did so for the new Buddy Guy album. Have you heard the disc yet?

My Spanish is quite rusty because I haven't taken a class since 10th grade! Haha. But it looks like you're a passionate Blues guy!