Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honeydrippin' Roosevelt

Roosevelt Sykes- Chicago Boogie

Album Review:
"This Delmark CD issue is taken from Roosevelt Sykes' first early-'50s recordings for the Regal label, with a few tracks taken from the early '60s, and issued by Delmark originally. Sykes was fresh from a long tenure with RCA Victor and Bluebird, and artistically hungry for the first time in at least a decade. The sides here reflect that fresh-start feel. Sykes performs here like a young lion artist who is trying to blow the doors off the joint to prove himself, rather than as a seasoned veteran. There are three different sessions here: one from March 14, 1950 (with Jump Jackson on drums), another from April 10, 1951 (with J.T. Brown on tenor sax, Ransom Knowling on bass, and Jackson on drums), and a final one from May 17, 1963 (with St. Louis Jimmy on vocals on four of the nine). This stuff is the Sykes' mother lode. Not only have none of these tracks ever appeared on CD before, nine of them are issued here for the very first time anywhere. Here is the piano-pumping, wailing singer, digging deep and having a ball on the title track, "Drivin' Wheel," "Rock It," "Green Onion Top," "44 Blues," and "West Helena Blues," with 12 others in the mix. Sound quality here is pretty much great and the sequencing is primo. This is an indispensable addition to any Roosevelt Sykes' shelf, and one hell of an introduction for novices."

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Bindlestiff said...

Thanks for the post, but you're missing track 4 - Monkey Face Blues

Hope you have it.