Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get It While It's Hot

Firstly, I would like everyone to know that I will continue to upload music to this blog. The music on this blog is strictly for your listening pleasure. In accordance with the laws of the U.S.A., you may not rip it to cd, distribute it, or sell it. If there are any artists, representatives of artists, or friends of artists who do not wish to see a particular album posted on this site, please inform me.

With that being said, I'd like to announce that I'm selling some compact discs, video tapes, and dvds which I no longer listen to/watch. You can find the names of the items and their respective prices below. Prices are not negotiable. Written below are detailed descriptions of the items and the condition in which you'll find them.

Hubert Sumlin- Healing Feeling
8 dollars
11 songs
Back left of jewel case has small sticker mark that is the size of a newborn kitten's fingernail (I don't know how else to describe it!)

Memphis Slim- I Am The Blues
8 dollars
14 songs
Unopened/brand new

Country Blues- The Essential
8 dollars
36 songs
Case is in very good condition, liner notes are in perfect condition, excellent value for the money

Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains The Same
8 dollars
Functions as well as any other video tape out there

Deep Purple- Bombay Calling
8 dollars
This is a Korean DVD which will play in your dvd player or computer if you live in the U.S.A., in perfect condition, 113 minutes

Rush- Permanent Waves
7 dollars
Jewel case is in very good condition, CD and liner notes are in perfect condition, part of the 'Rush Remasters' series, please help me get this out of my house!

Bruce Dickinson- The Chemical Wedding
6 dollars
Everything is in perfect condition, please get this off my hands!

T-Bone Walker- Stormy Monday (American Blues Legends Series)
7 dollars
This is live T-Bone, recorded in Europe in 1968
CD and liner notes are in perfect condition, jewel case has a separation at the top that causes case to separate when opened

The Cult- The Cult
5 dollars
Jewel case is in good condition; certainly not perfect
CD and liner notes look good as new

As you can see, I really want to get rid of a lot of this stuff. My descriptions of the items are honest. I'm not out to cheat anyone. I just want to get these items off my hands without feeling as if I wasted a million dollars on them.

If you are interested in buying anything, please let me know. Thank you!


RicoLisi0802志竹 said...
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莊雅和莊雅和莊雅和 said...
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Xyros said...

Only the foolhardy and the deaf have ever bought a Rush cd/lp and it's a brave person that ownes up to it.
Couldn't resist it .. sorry.
Keep up the excellent work bringing topclass blues to us all.

Hard Luck Child said...

That's what happens when an unsuspecting 8th grader buys Hit Parader magazine, Xyros. Damned Rush and their awful singer! Haha