Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lonesome Swamp Blues

Lonesome Sundown- If Anybody Asks You

"Unlike many of his swamp blues brethren, the evocatively monickered Lonesome Sundown (the name was an inspired gift from producer J.D. Miller) wasn't a Jimmy Reed disciple. Sundown's somber brand of blues was more in keeping with the gruff sound of Muddy Waters. The guitarist was one of the most powerful members of Miller's south Louisiana stable, responsible for several seminal swamp standards on Excello Records.

The former Cornelius Green first seriously placed his hands on a guitar in 1950, Waters and Hooker providing early inspiration. Zydeco pioneer Clifton Chenier hired the guitarist as one of his two axemen (Phillip Walker being the other) in 1955. A demo tape was enough proof for Miller -- he began producing him in 1956, leasing the freshly renamed Sundown's "Leave My Money Alone" to Excello.

There were plenty more where that one came from. Over the next eight years, Sundown's lowdown Excello output included "My Home Is a Prison," "I'm a Mojo Man," "I Stood By," "I'm a Samplin' Man," and a host of memorable swamp classics preceded his 1965 retirement from the blues business to devote his life to the church. It was 1977 before Sundown could be coaxed back into a studio to cut a blues LP; Been Gone Too Long, co-produced by Bruce Bromberg and Dennis Walker for the Joliet imprint, was an excellent comeback entry but did disappointing sales (even after being reissued on Alligator). Scattered live performances were about all that was heard of the swamp blues master after that."

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boogieman said...

Thanks, that was fast!

boogieman said...

Sorry, i was referring to Frank Hutchinson.
I have the feelig this one was "borrowed" from my friend Xyros????

Xyros said...

I get the funny feeling that Boogieman might be right about this lp and the next one also.....that's internet for you.

Hard Luck Child said...

Xyros, you are correct. I wrote to Boogieman and told him that this disc was not from "Xyros" because I had no idea who Xyros was! Now I see that you are the man/woman behind "Don't Ask Me...I Don't Know". So, full credit goes to you! I downloaded the music from you, but I believe that I changed the bit rate. I try to listen to all the music I download or upload and determine what a good bit rate would be. In other words, someone like McTell should be heard in the best possible sound quality, but I wouldn't say the same for less well known Little Richard songs. Of course, this reflects my opinions about music. So, all that I did was label the songs you uploaded and change the bit rate. Thank you for providing the original material. Also, I am sorry I didn't associate the name, Xyros, with "Don't Ask Me..I Don't Know".

Hard Luck Child said...

Furthermore, you're perfectly welcome to upload anything from my site to your site. Our goal is to get this music out there to the people, right?

Xyros said...

Hard Luck Child, thank you for the credit as it's alot of work doing the rips. Please leave the bitrates at the original rate even though ittakes more bandwidth.
Changing the bitrates is not really a good idea as the quality does drop more than a direct rip to a low bitrate.
The labeling will be appreciated by alot of people as I'm to lazy to that.
Good luck with your blog and as you say our goal is to spread the music.