Sorry, but you are the one who is missing the point. Firstly, there's not a single song on Blues Singer that is by an artist who plays in the Mississippi Hill Country style! Hill Country Blues and Delta Blues are two totally different entities. The songs on this album are by men who played Delta Blues, unless you consider John Lee Hooker to be Hill Country Blues. Son House (Delta), who has a song on this album, and Fred McDowell (Hill Country), whose music is not present on this album, have styles that are not one and the same. I'm not looking for "another electric Blues workout" from Buddy Guy; I want to see what he can do with an acoustic guitar. I'm a Country Blues lover. The answer is that he can't do very much with an acoustic guitar compared to the men whose songs he's covering. He should have practiced a lot more before recording this album. Also, the song that is credited to Johnny Shines is something that Johnny never even sang. Even though Johnny did a song with the title "Moanin' And Groanin'", that song has nothing in common, lyrically or musically, with the song on this Buddy Guy disc. That's a pretty big blunder on Buddy and his record company's part. It may be true that Buddy's singing on this album is fine, but his versions of these songs truly pale in comparison to the original recordings.