Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paramount's Piano Man

Will Ezell- Complete Recorded Works (1925-1929)

Album Review:
"With the exception of some sessions accompanying other singers, the complete Will Ezell is on this single CD. A talented blues and boogie-woogie pianist, Ezell led four mostly instrumental solo sessions (resulting in 12 performances). In addition, his dates backing singers Marie Bradley, Ora Brown, Bertha Henderson, and Slim Tarpley are also included on this enjoyable and historic CD. Among the more rewarding selections are "Barrel House Man," "Mixed Up Rag," "Heifer Dust," "Playing the Dozen," and "Pitchin' Boogie.""

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davidwolfsonnc said...

thanks for your posts; unfortunately, this is Cow Cow Davenport and not Will Ezell . . .

In the Grooves! said...

Hard Luck Child, I've closed The Half Ain't Never Been Told. Thanks very much for including the link in your blogroll all these months, but would you remove it for me now? Cheers, Marie

kathleen mercer said...

love your site - music minx blogger

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