Monday, October 11, 2010


Reverend Gary Davis- The Guitar & Banjo Of Reverend Gary Davis

Album Review:
"Because this is an all-instrumental recording, it's an offbeat entry into the catalog of a performer known both as an important guitarist and as a singer. Some might miss Davis' vocals on this 1964 recording, but on the other hand there are plenty of records with him singing around. This gives listeners a chance to hone in on his dexterous guitar skills, blending ragtime, folk, and blues, usually on guitar (though he plays banjo on a couple of songs, and harmonica on one). "Maple Leaf Rag" is a natural showcase for Davis' talents, and "Candy Man," which may be his most well-known song, is here presented without words, making for an interesting juxtaposition with more commonly heard versions on which he (or others) sings. As further evidence of his eclecticism, there's a version of "United States March aka Soldier's Drill" -- not the best format for his strengths, certainly, but an illustration of his ability to adapt his style to unexpected material."

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Bacchus said...

Awesome post. Thanks!

I'm only getting 6 tracks instead of 11. Is that an error on my end or yours?

Thanks again. Keep it up.

Le Porc Rouge said...

Always loved Davis' pickin. Great to get it "pure". Many thanks!

P.S.: 11 tracks in my download.