Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alabama Bound

Sonny Scott- The Complete Recordings In Chronological Order (1933)

Album Review:
"Most of Sonny Scott's recordings are to be found on volume one of Walter Roland's complete recorded works as reissued by the Document label some 60 years after they were cut during a brief visit to New York City in July of 1933. The first album ever to be devoted primarily to Scott includes a handful of collaborations with Roland amongst recordings that feature Scott as primary performer in his own element, his voice and guitar reminiscent of Ed Bell, Curley Weaver, or Buddy Moss. The modus, mood, and subject matter throughout the 17 tracks are firmly rooted in the loam of west central Alabama; there are references to coal mining, the gathering of firewood, the endless peregrinations of river water, and various tribulations associated with being alive and scuffling to survive in the world. The "Highway No. 2 Blues" refers to a road that crosses the Sipsey River north of Mantua about 20 miles southwest of Tuscaloosa. The "Black Horse Blues," dutifully represented by a vintage photograph on the album cover, and should not be confused with an identically titled song by Blind Lemon Jefferson. "

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