Friday, May 28, 2010

Lonnie In The '40s & '50s

Lonnie Johnson- Me And My Crazy Self

Album Review:
"With a firm emphasis on the less schmaltzy side of Johnson's 1947-1952 stint at Cincinnati's King Records, this 20-tracker finds the blues pioneer coming into the age of electric blues and R&B quite adroitly. His dignified vocal style similarly weathered the ensuing decades nicely -- "You Can't Buy Love," "Friendless Blues," and the title track are bittersweet outings sporting multiple levels of subtlety."

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lemonflag said...


barak said...

Thank you very much this album is very good.
One problem though I think this album should have 20 songs and this file has only 13.

Hard Luck Child said...

Looks like the missing songs are on the 4th disc of The Original Guitar Wizard, so I decided to save them as songs from the latter album. I'll have to upload that soon. Thanks, Barak.