Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunnyland & Lenoir Jam

J.B. Lenoir, Sunnyland Slim & Friends- Live In '63

Album Review:
"Fuel 2000 released this live date with guitarist J.B. Lenoir and pianist Sunnyland Slim almost 33 years after the original session took place at Nina's Lounge, a small club on the near west side of Chicago. The disc moves along at a brisk pace with both Lenoir and Sunnyland in fine shape, whether in a solo context (Sunnyland has three solo spots and Lenoir four) or in combinations with their friends. Hanging around the club that night (July 9, 1963) were St. Louis Jimmy Oden, who plays a mean harp on "Lend Me Your Love"; Chicago street musician John Lee Granderson on three tunes ("J.L.'s Blues," "Everything's Gonna Be Alright," and "That's All Right"); and rounding out the jam session is 20-year-old Mike Bloomfield on acoustic guitar. Highly recommended for both blues fanatics and casual listeners."

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Xyros said...

Thank you for this one; JB is one of my favourite blues artists around. His singing is different to anyone else, has excellent lyrics and plays a wild guitar.