Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stone Crazy

Buddy Guy- Stone Crazy

Album Review:
"Buddy Guy mostly indulges his histrionic side throughout this high-energy set, first issued in France and soon picked up for domestic consumption by Alligator. Stone Crazy! is a particularly attractive proposition for rock-oriented fans, who will no doubt dig Guy's non-stop incendiary, no-holds-barred guitar attack and informal arrangements. Purists may want to look elsewhere."

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Pablo Rago said...

Excellent blog, thank you for all the great music here.

Hard Luck Child said...

You're welcome, Pablo Rago. I'm just happy to help spread this music around. I don't want to see it vanish from the face of the earth, because early Blues and Jazz music is the best thing that this country ever produced.

I've noticed that fewer people have been coming to my blog lately. Is there any particular genre of Blues or particular Blues artist you're interested in hearing?

ramson said...

buddy guy - Stone Crazy

I have this one since long time and overall don't like too... but song 'I smell a Rat' is a masterpiece... incredible guitar with totally logical phrasing, no pyrotechnic fills.